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We build for you. Our team has 7+ years’ experience in constructing medium to large-scale projects. More than half a million square feet constructed. No compromise in quality. New Construction & Joint Ventures.

Our sincere thanks to the Growing number of Satisfied Clients who continuously refer us to their family and friends. Our Construction team has 7+ years’ experience in Constructing medium to large-scale projects. We have so far constructed more than 500,000 square feet in and around Lalitpur. Our Construction team leads have an engineering educational background added with vast experience in building several Homes, Apartments, Colleges plus the ability to deal with the local city officials, we have become a trusted name in building quality residential and commercial projects.

B-Spot Construction Services provides a reliable and transparent construction process. How we do it ~ is listed below.

Step 1
The Property owner provides the following
a) Location of the Property
b) Arrange for Site Visit

Step 2
a) The property owner will enter into an MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with B-Spot.
b) Property Owner and B-Spot (Contractor) agree upon per Square Feet Rate for the construction
c) Token Advance of Rs. 50,000/- to be paid by the Property Owner to start Drawings. This amount is adjustable against the final settlement value of the contract

Step 3
a) Preparation of Working Drawing by Contractor.
b) Approval of (preliminary) working drawing by both parties.
c) Prepare Drawing required for Government Approval. (See Annexure 1)
d) Owner provides copies of Property Documents including Sale Deed, Parent document, Patta, Field Measurement (FM), and latest Encumbrance Certificate (EC) covering the sale deed period and a minimum of 13 years.
e) Application papers to be filled with Government Department and signed. If the owners are not in Town – the owners have the option of using their registered Power of Attorney (POA) to sign the forms.
f) Enter into Contract Agreement and 10 % of the total contract value to be given to Contractor. (Annex 2)

Step 4
a) Electricity – temporary EB supply will be obtained from the Electricity department. EB Charges (See Annexure 1)
b) Construction Work commences after receiving approval from concerned departments. The approval depends on the number of floors; plot extends and width of the road.
c) Water supply – (1) If water is already available on the property, we will use it depending upon the capacity. If there is a shortage of water additional water will be purchased for construction purposes. (See Annex 1)
d) Water is not available – The bore has to be drilled. (See Annex 1)

Step 5
a) RCC Sump construction (See Annex 1)
b) Foundation – based on the soil condition suitable foundation will be laid
c) Basement work
d) Column raising
e) Roofing
f) Brickwork
g) Wood Work – Door and window frames

Step 6
a) Electrical concealed work – necessary points will be provided
b) EB Wiring Work
c) Inner wall and Ceiling plastering
d) Plumbing concealed work
e) Kitchen Platform works
f) Over Head Tank (See Annex 1)
g) Weathering Course work

Step 7
a) Outer plastering
b) Painting work – inner and outer – putty and primer work
c) Tiles laying work -Vitrified Tiles (2×2)
d) Door and Window Shutters, Window grills
e) Toilet Fittings
f) Electrical Switches

Step 8
a) Converting Temporary Electricity supply to Permanent connection, # of required EB connection for # of dwellings. (See Annexure 1)
b) Metro water Connection, Sewage, and Drainage connections. (See Annex 1)
c) Septic Tank to be constructed if Sewage connections are not available.
d) Final Painting – inner and outer.
e) Installation of Gates. (See Annexure 1)

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