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Comprehensive Property Management Services and Solutions around Nepal. Highly recommended as a leading property Management company. B-Spot Property Management™ Services has its Corporate office in Lalitpur, Bhaisipati-25 and covers most parts of Lalitpur. It has grown to become a trusted name in Property Management, Real Estate and Custom New Construction.

Comprehensive Property Management Services and Solutions are offered to clients and people who are living away from their home town.

Some people may have properties for investment purpose. Some may have their properties where they would have lived – but had to move to another place due to work. The property needs to be taken care in their absence. This would have been done normally by friends or relatives. It is the wise thing to do to leave the property to a trusted hand. This was true until recently. Now there are many practical issues. People are very busy with their own lives and the life styles have changed. They do not have time for themselves. Hence, helping out for friend or relative’s investments have become second priority. As things change people have started to get professional help.

Property Management by professional companies are relatively new. People have been very skeptical regarding professional property managers. Those who have taken the help of property management and seen the benefits and have peace of mind are highly recommending the services to their friends and relatives.
B-Spot Property Management™ offers the following services to its clients:

• Apartment Maintenance Service
• Custom New Construction
• Home Repair
• Interior Design
• Letting out Properties
• Managing Tenants
• Modular Kitchen
• Property Monitoring
• Real Estate Joint Venture
• Real Estate Selling
• Refurbishing
• Renovation
• Rent Collection
• Rental Assistance
• Rental Property Management

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The B-Spot Private Limited in today’s fiercely competitive business environment it is important to be dynamic and have the capacity to change and pursue new business opportunities at the appropriate times. Thanks to highly talented work force and a professional approach to business has become the gold standard of construction and engineering in Nepal.

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