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Selling a property requires good preparation, right real estate agent, willingness to show the property in short notice. Determining your selling price comes next.
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Real Estate – Buying Assistance
B-Spot Property Management™ Real Estate Services provides reliable and transparent buying assistance for Properties. Our buying assistance process steps are listed below.

Step 1
The Property buyer provides the following
a) Preferred areas for purchase of the property
b) Type of Property – Apartment, plot, Independent house etc.,
c) Amount of investment planned
d) Outright purchase or going for Home Loan?

Step 2
a) Buyer will enter into a MOU (Memorandum of understanding) with B-Spot.
b) A non-refundable commitment Fee of Rs. 10,000/- will be payable along with MOU.
c) Amount will be adjusted towards final service charges payable to B-Spot when Buying transaction is completed.

Step 3
a) B-Spot will identify properties in the preferred area for the buyer
b) Builders list in the preferred area will be short listed
c) The list will be shared with the buyer along with prevailing rate.
d) The buyer chooses the property and informs to B-Spot.

Step 4
a) B-Spot will negotiate with the builder for price, amenities and other terms on behalf of the buyer
b) If the building is under construction, payment installments will be negotiated by B-Spot
c) Verification of the documents through legal team (Land document/ building approval documents)
d) Additional fee for Attorney payable for the above service as per MOU.

Step 5
a) Buyer will decide if Signing will be done in person or through POA (Power of Attorney)
b) POA document to be made available by the buyer, if applicable.
c) Advance to be paid for the property along with sale/construction Agreement
d) 25% of Service charges payable to B-Spot
e) If the property is a Plot or Ready to occupy house go to Step 6
f) If under construction, periodic photos and other updates will be provided
g) Coordinate proportionate payment and obtain receipts from Builder

Step 6
a) Preparation of Sale deed documents for Registration
b) Attorney fees payable separately for Step 6a.
c) Procurement of stamp paper/stamp – value of the stamp cost payable.
d) Registration of documents against final payment to builder/ Owner and B-Spot Service Fee
e) All registration expenses including Registration fees to the buyer’s account.
f) Property Inspection from Registrar office
g) Collection of registered documents from Registrar Office and handing over to buyer.

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2. Rental Assistance
3. Modular Kitchen
4. Electrical Fittings
5. Air Conditioning

Real Estate – Selling Assistance
B-Spot Property Management™ Real Estate Services provides reliable and transparent selling assistance for your Property. Our selling assistance process steps are listed below.

Step 1
The Property seller provides the following
a) Complete street address of the property
b) Survey details, if available
c) Type of Property – Apartment, plot, Independent house etc.,
d) Location of Property – City Limits or Panchayat limit
e) Expected Sale Price

Step 2
a) Property walks through and inspection by B-Spot.
b) We will make an assessment of the property value
c) The value should be more or less match with Sellers expected price
d) Arrive at a selling price

Step 3
a) Pre sale agreement between seller and B-Spot will be signed with payment of initial fee
b) Verification of documents will be done by B-Spot
c) If documents are found to be satisfactory – one set of copy will be provided to B-Spot
d) One set of keys will be provided by the seller to B-Spot

Step 4
a) In case the documents are not perfect and additional documents are needed – it will be obtained by B-Spot from appropriate departments at additional cost to the seller
b) Up to date Encumbrance Certificate will be obtained

Step 5
Search for Potential buyers’ using the following methods:
a) Advertise in our company web site
b) Advertise in our company Social Media sites
c) Advertise in Local and National News papers
d) Online Real Estate web portals
e) Connect with Local Brokers
f) Our NRI clients will be informed about the property for sale
g) Our Corporate contacts will be informed about the property for sale

Step 6
a) Property will be shown to potential buyers
b) Rate Negotiation
c) Documents will be shared to the prospective buyer after collecting commitment fee
d) Buyer will verify the documents
e) Drafting of Sale agreement
f) A percentage of the property value will be collected as advance payment from buyer
g) Either owner or his POA will sign document
h) 2nd installment to B-Spot to be given as per agreement.

Step 7
a) All registration expenses including registration fees to the buyer’s account.
b) Registration of documents against payment.
c) Handing over of all parent documents to the buyer
d) Settlement of service fee to B-Spot

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